Here we design, develop, produce and market Portuguese pine furniture, it has always been like this and it has been going on for almost 30 years!

We have been growing since 1988 and we currently have about 5,000m2 of productive area and about 40 employees specialized and qualified by the experience acquired over the years.

RUD – Rustik Unique Design is our trademark for the whole world.
We intend to rephrase the current idea of Rustic without losing quality or structure.

A Rustic that is both young, innovative, provocative and fresh! A concept based, as always, on traditional solid furniture with a bold new image.

Throughout all these years, we have been able to implement and solidify a project with vision in the future based on the quality of the raw material, the know-how of a specialized team and the guarantee of its services.

At RUD we believe that everyone is important to evolve, so we also count on you and your critics (more or less positive) to build a better future.

See you soon!